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  • The finest in authentic wood floorings

  • A full miniature lumberyard

  • Precision-cut hardwoods, moldings, and trims

  • Custom picture frame service

  • Tools for the craftsman

  • Custom work by request

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P.O. Box 2575, Atascadero, CA 93423-2575

(805) 460-WOOD

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Stephen & Mary Anna Goode, Proprietors

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We offer the largest selection of woods available to the scale craftsman, ranging from the more common to the rare and exotic. All the wood listed in our catalog is cut for the beginning miniaturist as well as the precision model makers who want the very best results. Each wood has its own characteristics in texture, color, density and capability. Some are very good miniature duplicates of other types of wood. Mansonia, for example, is a good duplicate for walnut in that it has the color and some of the grain characteristics but much finer grain. Most of the woods are easy to work, glue and finish. All of our wood sheets and strips start out as regular lumber. It is then band sawn and planed to within .0015 of exact size and ready to be turned into a work of art.

Moldings & Picture Framing: All are of our own design and manufacture. They are made to very exacting requirements so when you buy them today you can be sure that you can buy the same thing next year and the year after. Only the very best materials are used to make our moldings so all of the detail will be cut properly without any tear out. 

Flooring & Stripwood: We make the best plank flooring for use in doll houses and scale Model architectural renderings. Most other manufacturers of miniature flooring make it out of veneer that is often rough and difficult to work with. Ours is always band-sawn from first quality hardwood lumber, then precision planed and strip cut to within .002 of true thickness and width so that when it is laid all of the pieces will fit without any gaps or misfits. Our parquet flooring pieces are also very accurate so that they look as real a possible. All other strips of wood, whether they are used for trim, inlay or decking and planking on a fine ship model, are always the best available. This is our guarantee. 

Tools & Hardware: We are proud of our "Made In The USA" label. Most of the tools in our catalog we make ourselves; some are supplied by other manufacturers*. The miter box, Sanding Stick, Bowmaker, and the original Just-A.Clamp are of our own design. The miter box offers you a good, inexpensive tool to be used to cut molding and flooring strips. The Just-A-Clamp is needed to make picture frames and small cabinetry. Our Little Gritter Sanding Sticks are the perfect finishing tool for your miniature creation. The other tools, such as the Zippy flooring weights, razor saws* and saw blades*, are great additions to any tool box.

Custom Services: We can cut any wood to almost any size up to 1/2" including all metric sizes. We can also supply many other wood species. Please send us your requests.

Ordering Information: Our products are available by mall order, at select retail stores, and a few miniature shows. When ordering, allow 4 weeks for delivery. Our woods are custom cut for you. 

GUARANTEE: Any item which is "flawed", may be returned within 10 days. We do appreciate your feedback as to what you did or did not like about an item. In the event a shipment is received damaged, have the shipper (post office or UPS) inspect the shipment. It is your option to ACCEPT or REFUSE delivery. If you ACCEPT, that ends the matter. If you REFUSE, complete the necessary forms and follow their instructions.

TERMS: All orders are shipped prepaid. Please pay by CHECK, MONEY ORDER, VISA, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL. No cash or C.0.D's payments are accepted. International orders are payable by money order in US Dollars only and shipping charges will be quoted upon placement of those orders. Order time will be 4 to 6 weeks. SALES TAX must be added to California orders only.

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